The Zavala Family {Rockwall Family Photographer}

The Zavala family are our neighbors and we just love them! When they asked me to do their family picutures I was thrilled. It is so fun to get to work with such sweet people and I know they hadn’t done professional pictures in a long while. Their outfits looked great and I just love the purple! Such a pretty family! Thank you so much Zavalas for trusting me to capture your adorable family in photos. I hope you love them!

Harvey Family {Rockwall Family Photographer}

The Harvey family showed up and immediately I knew I would like them because Valerie, the Mom, commented on my shoes. I was wearing my converse shoreline sneakers, so of course I asked her if she reads the ‘Pinterest Told Me To’ blog and she said yes! See…immediate connection! I can bond with anyone over shopping! They are such an adorable family! At first little Deacon wasn’t too sure about me and didn’t really want to take pictures, but after playing with him in the leaves he ended up trying to give me kisses! Thanks Harvey family, I had a blast photographing you all.

Tolar Family {Rockwall Family Photographer}

Fall portrait sessions always bring a mix of my old clients and getting to meet new clients. The Tolar family is a new client, referred from a sweet family I have done pictures for for a long time. Their session had been rained out twice and I was starting to fear the universe was workign againt us!! While the weahter was dreary, it wasn’t raining and we were able to get them done. The boys were sweet and full of energy, but as long as little one had a stick in his hand he was good to go! Thanks Tolar Family!



The Ballard Family {Rockwall Family Photographer}

I have been photographing the Ballard family for 5 years and have been blessed not only by their business, but by their friendships! I love photographing my friend’s familys. It is fun to interact with them and get true, genuine smiles from the big girls, and chase the little one around trying to catch that mischevious grin that I have seen so many times. Thanks allard family for continuing to trust me with your precious family’s pictures!

Halloween 2015 {Rockwall Child Photographer}

I love Halloween! Really, I just love any chance to dress my girls up. My mom always went all out for Halloween, decorating our house, and making my brother and sister the best costumes. This year my oldest daughter wanted to be a genie. My Mom made me a genie costume when I was in elementary school and I couldn’t believe it fit Ella! My middle daughter is going through a Merida phase, so of course we had to be her. And since my little one doesn’t get to decide yet, I thought she would make an adorable puppy!